Communication Committee - This committee shall sponsor, organize and direct all public relations and media events, such as television, radio, newspaper, etc.
Marco Guerra - Chair

Cultural & Language Committee - This committee shall sponsor, organize and direct all activities such as classes, scholarships, summer camps, day care centers, etc. It also has the important and arduous task to ensure that all Chapters teach or assist in any way to teach the Italian language.
Anna Di Nardo - Chair

Finance and Auditors - This committee, consisting of five members, appointed by the B.O.D shall review the entire financial condition of Filitalia International. The committee will meet at least twice a year and report to the B.O.D. The members of the executive committee cannot be members of this committee.
Anthony Mallace, Esq - Chair

Fundraising Committee - This committee has the arduous task to raise funds for Filitalia International and Foundation.
Paula DeSanctis-Bonavitacola - Chair

Expansion Committee - This committee actively promotes, recruits and retains new members and chapters.
Pasquale Nestico, M.D. - Chair

International Exchange Program Committee - The IEP Committee sponsors young professionals from 21 to 30 years old of age to visit the United States of America or Italy for studing experience.
Rosetta Miriello - Chair

Membership/New Chapters - This committee shall actively promote and recruit new members and chapters and retain present membership.
Marco Guerra - Chair

Recreational Committee - This committee organizes and directs all recreational and social events, such as picnics, general assemblies, dinner dances, sporting events and etc.
Anna Di Paola - Chair

Humanitarian Committee - This committee shall sponsor humanitarian aid to members of the community. Oversees the Christmas Seals Program every year.
Marc Virga - Chair 

Real Estate Committee - This committee is responsible for maintaining log of rent payments and deposits.
Rosetta Miriello - Chair

Sports Committee - This committee is responsible for organizing and developing sports events, including – not limited to: Bocce, Soccer and Foosball.
Rosaria Ceraso - Chair

Special Event Committee - This committee is responsible for organizing and developing youth related events including La Festa Nazionale, June 2nd.
Sammy Nestico - Chair