About Us

About Filitalia International
Pasquale F. Nestico, M.D. and a group of Italian-Americans founded Filitalia in 1987. In 1991 Filitalia had reached National scope with the addition of several Chapters in the Northeastern United States. By April of 2007 Filitalia reached International Status. Currently there are several chapters throughout Europe and Canada.


Our Mission
Filitalia International exists to preserve and defend the Italian Heritage and Culture by encouraging the study of the Italian Language and providing educational events for the community. The word “Filitalia” means ‘love for Italy’.


Our Plan
Help young Italian Americans through our extensive scholarship program. Encourage the study of Italian Language and Culture throughout the world. Promote networking events for the Italian American youth and professionals. We will solidify Italian American Culture through Italian sports events, social events, and humanitarian events.


Filitalia Activities, Language & Tradition

  1. Italian Language Lessons
    Filitalia offers Italian language classes in 5 week sessions. Classes range from Beginner to Advanced. We have four sessions per year during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. We also offer Italian Cooking Classes and plan to expand our courses even further.
  2. Academic Scholarships
    Scholarships are awarded to students at many different levels of education and for many different fields of study. Currently we offer 24 different scholarships to members and non-members of Filitalia. Also new in 2011 is our Student Exchange Program for qualified students from both the United States and Italy to experience a cultural and lingual immersion for 2 weeks a year.
  3. Columbus Day Parade
    Every year Filitalia celebrates the great Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus by walking in the Columbus Day Parade. We carry flags and a banner for each Chapter in Filitalia. After the parade we open our center for the Annual Wine & Soppressata Contest. Judges and participants taste each of the contestant’s homemade wines and soppressata, a fun day for the entire family.
  4. Festa della Repubblica - Italian National Day Italian Street Festival
    Every first Sunday of June, Filitalia International & Foundation under the auspice of the Italian General Consulate of Philadelphia, hold an Italian Street Festival on East Passyunk Avenue in the Heart of South Philadelphia, outside of its’ center. The event brings thousands of people whom love and support the Italian culture, offering food, entertainment, games and Italian novelty items. This event marks the Birth of the Italian Republic after WWII.


Charity & Community
Filitalia International Christmas Seals Program
The 2011 “Filitalia International Christmas Seal” was a huge success. The monetary donations for the 135 needy families, as of today, as well as toys and clothes for 156 of their children, received from our members and friends, were immensely appreciated by all recipients. All these, compared with 22 families in 2006, 36 in 2007, 40 in 2008, 80 in 2009, 86 in 2010 gives us an increment of 57% compared to last year.
Each family received a $50.00 gift certificate to a supermarket plus toys, bikes, clothes for 156 children (compared with 56 children in 2007, 85 in 2008, 121 in 2009, 126 in 2010) for an increment of almost 30% from last year.


Networking & Motivation

  1. Meet and build rapport with successful Italian-American professionals
    Join Filitalia’s Linked In Networking group.
  2. Annual Young Professional Networking Banquet
    This is a great opportunity to meet other business professionals and hone your networking skills in a friendly environment.


Culture & Cuisine

  1. Wine and food tasting events
    Italy is home to some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. The Etruscans and Greeks produced wine long before the Romans started developing their own vineyards. Currently, there are over 1 million vineyards in cultivation. Filitalia holds several events throughout the year to bring the experience of Italian wine to you.
  2. Art and Music Events
    The Art of Italy has influenced everything from sculpture, to architecture and design throughout the world. A long history, and wealth of art is displayed throughout Italy and the world. The Italians are credited for many techniques used throughout art and music, i.e. chiaroscuro (a contrast between light and dark in painting) allegro (the tempo a musical piece should be played at). Filitalia holds many events throughout the year to expand knowledge of the vibrant and exciting history of art and music in Italy.



  1. The “Giovanni Monterosso Bocce Tournament”
    An ageless game, Bocce Ball has been played since the ancient Romans. Beginning with the Emperor Augustus, bocce became the sport of Statesmen and Rulers. The first Bocce League was formed in Italy in 1947. That same year was the first Bocce World Championships. Thanks to the early Italian immigrants, today we have a thriving Bocce scene in America as well. Every year Filitalia holds a Bocce Tournament in September where each chapter sends a team to compete for the trophy.
  2. The “Franco Ceraso Foosball Tournament”
    Although this sport was created in the United Kingdom, it has become a great pastime of many Italians. Perhaps it is because of the love of soccer in Italy that this game became so popular. Every April, Filitalia International holds a foosball tournament after our annual Convention. Each chapter sends their best players in hope of achieving 1st place.


Annual Gala Dinner Awards held at Celebrations in Bensalem PA.

  1. Citizenship Award
    This award is presented to individuals who have shown a significant contribution to the community.
  2. Education & Leadership Award
    This prestigious award is given to an individual of Italian descent who has given significant contributions and demonstrates incredible leadership skills in the field of education.
  3. Humanitarian Award
    This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary acts, in helping the poor, the sick, and needy people.