Filitalia International is a non-profit organization, founded in 1987, to promote and preserve the Italian heritage, language, and customs throughout the world. The goal of Filitalia International is to solidify and expand the Italian culture, tradition, and heritage through social and humanitarian events. We offer many programs including Scholarships for younger members, Italian Language classes, networking events for young professionals, and cultural events to experience and learn about the Italian Culture firsthand.

Since its conception in 1987, Filitalia has continued to grow and has reached International status with 20 Chapters in 5 different countries and is ever expanding. Our entire organization has been built by the efforts of dedicated volunteers whose love of the Italian Culture has served as a perpetual light to communities throughout the world. The word ‘Filitalia’ means just that, “Love for Italy”. Our mission is to protect and preserve the Italian heritage and culture and encourage the study of the Italian language.

Our language classes are taught by qualified native Italian speakers who have a passion for Italy as well as teaching. The classes are taught throughout the Chapters and at our Center in the heart of South Philadelphia. The “M.Fabrizio & P.Nestico Center for Language and Culture” is located on E. Passyunk Ave and Mifflin Streets. It was opened in 2005 and is the home to our cultural events as well. We offer a variety of Italian Language Classes to accommodate all levels of learners. Currently we offer Beginners I, Beginners II, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. Our mission of providing Italian classes to all of society at affordable rates is realized through our language program at Filitalia International.

2014 Scholarship and Presidential Awards

Sunday, October 5th 2014 2:00pm
The 2014 Scholarship and President Awards Night held on Sunday October 5th 2014 at La Scala’s Restaurant in Center City Philadelphia, was an outstanding and successful event.  13 Students this year were award scholarships, ranging from elementary school to University.  3 of the recipients were from our Italian Chapters and 10 from various USA Chapters.  Dr. Nestico presented the scholarship awards to recipients ranging from 2rd grade to University Students and they were all extremely grateful.  One of the students was asked: “What is the mission of Filitalia International?”  and proudly replied, “Language, Culture and Service to others.”   Another student was asked what is the motto of Filitalia International?  And She responded correctly, “Humility, Justice and Honesty.” The event concluded with delicious desserts and coffee.  It was a heartwarming event and a positive way to acknowledge the hard work of our members and students. Filitalia International has been accepting donations through the years for its scholarship fund.  Anyone interested in donating money to establish a fund in the name of a loved one for such a gratifying cause, write

Filitalia International 2014 Gala

Filitalia International 2014 Gala Honorees: Consul General Dr. Canepari, Dr. Jerry and Lucille Francesco, Mr. Antonio Carafa

Bensalem, PA - With four honorees, a capital campaign to help support the history of Italian immigration museum and around 200 participants, the annual Gala of Filitalia International, which took place on Sunday November 16, has been a successful celebration of the Italian language and culture.  The event was opened with remarks from the Founder and President Emeritus of Filitalia International, Dr. Pasquale Nestico, and the President of Filitalia International Rosetta Miriello. Consul General of the Republic of Italy in Philadelphia Andrea Canepari, Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Lucille Francesco and Mr. Antonio Carafa, who were the 2014 Filitalia International honorees, also had speeches at the beginning of the event.  Consul General Canepari has been honored with 2014 Filitalia International Citizenship Award because of his strong commitment to the preservation of the Italian language and culture. "The Italian community of Philadelphia, one of the biggest in the United States, played and still plays a fundamental role to strengthen ties between the United States and Italy: I'm honored to be awarded the Citizenship Award of Filitalia International" Consul Canepari said after receiving his award by the President of prestigious Union League of Philadelphia, Frank Giordano. Dr. Jerry and Lucille Francesco, awarded with 2014 Filitalia International Humanitarian Award of Filitalia International, are members of the Executive Leadership Cabinet of World Meeting of Families 2015 which is organizing the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia, one of the most beloved public figures in Italy. "We made nothing special than live and work following the principles of the Catholic Church and the Holy Bible" Mrs. Lucille Francesco said after she was awarded by the Chair of Fundraising Committee of Filitalia International, Paula DeSanctis Bonavitacola. Mr. Antonio Carafa has been awarded with 2014 Filitalia International Leadership and Education Award because of his commitment to the conservation of the Italian culture in Philadelphia as the President of Società San Giorgio Montecifone. "I am grateful to my wife Graziella and to my brother Ricky, the best friend of mine. I am proud to be a part of the big family of Filitalia International, and I am proud to be Italian too" Mr. Carafa stated once he was awarded by Anna DiPaola, the Chair of Recreational Committee of Filitalia International.The ceremony was followed by the presentation of the Capital Campaign to help support the museum of the history of the Italian immigration of Filitalia International. The Founder of Filitalia International Dr. Nestico called the participants to purchase a 12" X 12" tile which will be installed in the sidewalk of the history of Italian immigration museum engraved in their own name, in the one of a member of their family, of their business organization or even of the one of a beloved person.  "This is a unique opportunity, which is tax deductible, to purchase a personal tile of a sidewalk in South Philadelphia that will preserve your memory over the next centuries" Dr. Nestico said. During the Gala. The participants also received a copy of the 2014 Ad-Book of Filitalia International. For this year, the Ad-Book has been conceived and composed as a manual of Italian civilization with important information about the Italian business in Philadelphia, a chronology of facts which occurred in Italy over the past months, and the biographies of three 'People of the year of Filitalia International' that represented Italy in the world. The new Saint of the Catholic Church Pope John XXIII / Angelo Roncalli, the newly elected High Representative of Foreign and Defense policies of the European Union Federica Mogherini and the new head coach of the Italian national team of soccer Antonio Conte has been selected the 'Men of the year of Filitalia International'.  Dr. Nestico and the Adviser to the Presidency of Filitalia International on public, international and civic affairs selected Pope John XXIII, Federica Mogherini and Antonio Conte by considering the role that these three individuals have had in representing Italy in important fields of the Italian culture such as religion, politics and sport.  "The Ad-Book of Filitalia International is an interesting and useful document: those who did not attend the Gala can buy an additional copy by sending an email to the executive assistant of Filitalia International Caitlin Borrelli, that we all thank for her outstanding work for our organization" Dr. Nestico added.  The First and Second Vicepresident of Filitalia International, Fred Pacilli and Mike Virga, Secretary Nancy Malogrino, Treasurer Maria DiDonato, Legal Counsel Joseph Rollo and the Director of Finance Rosaria Ceraso attended the Gala of Filitalia International, as well as BOD members Henry Amanto, Anthony Colavita, Severino Concordia, Anna DiNardo and Salvatore Rosati.  The Presidents of US Chapters Mario Ferraguti, Frank Ceraso, Ben Gallo, Giuseppe D'Alterio and Marziale Mirarchi also attended the meeting together with the Chair of the Committee for the maintenance of the museum of the history of Italian immigration Mike Bonasera and members of Recreational committee Anna Nestico, Sara Amanto, Lina Plescia, and Nico Sciascia.  Moreover, the Governor of the Italian District of Filitalia International, Daniele Marconcini, the young professional Giovanni Venturini -an undergraduate student on nursery that came to Philadelphia thanks to the international Exchange Program of Filitalia International in order to better know the structure of Filitalia and observe the health system of the United States- and the Italian writer Gianluca Barbadori attended the Gala as representatives of Italian Chapters. After the award ceremony and the capital campaign, Filitalia International Gala consisted of a dinner, dancing and dessert.

Matteo Cazzulani

Filitalia International

Press Agent